Why Misty Sea Studio ?

“I’m delighted that each person who makes a purchase from Misty Sea Studio is getting a truly one of a kind piece of jewelry made especially for them that also allows me to give back to our community assisting military veterans and search dog organizations.”

 – Ann Rutar
    CVO, Misty Sea Studio


You're a beach girl at heart and always will be

You love the ocean and the beach – the colors, sounds, and sensations of a day at the beach or at a spot overlooking the sea.  So breathtakingly powerful at times; so soothing and nurturing at others. There’s something about it that makes us feel strong and empowered yet relaxed and serene at the same time, grounding our souls.

But you live far away from the closest beach and miss it dearly, much like I do.

I’m Ann Rutar, and my passion is to create one-of-a-kind, artistic pieces of jewelry that connect you to the beauty and essence of the sea and beach; to create a piece of jewelry that is uniquely yours, that sets you apart and expresses your independent soul.

I fell in love with the ocean and beach as a young girl growing up in Southern California.  My best memories are with family and friends during summers at the beach.  I feel grounded and serene there.  I was always intrigued by my mom’s jewelry, the colors of the components and metals and the different ways they were put together.  My dad would go prospecting on the weekends and bring home interesting rocks, including some that could become gemstones.  I have a passion for creativity and having the beauty of art in my life and the lives of others.  I love to paint and I love playing with metal and seeing what it can do and how it can become a work of art.

How you're helping me to help others

My business enables me to contribute more to select organizations that help our military veterans that have given, and continue to give, so much of their lives in their service to our country; also to disaster search dog organizations that are called in to help save lives after natural and man-made disasters.