Longboard Earrings

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Surf's up!  Wood textured earrings in the traditional longboard shape.  

.999 fine silver.  Textured sterling silver earwires.

1-1/4" long by 3/16" wide.

This item is handcrafted using precious metal clay.  Each piece is shaped from a piece of lump clay and is either hand cut, hand molded, or hand formed.  As the clay goes through its drying process, it becomes very delicate in what's called the "green" stage.  At this point the piece is gently sanded and then fired in a kiln. During firing, the binder part of the clay is burned off and the silver sinters together, resulting in a piece of pure silver called .999 fine silver.  Some of my pieces are made with "sterling" precious metal clay which results in a silver karat of .960 silver.  Each piece then goes through a series of polishing and patina steps which bring it to its final satin or polished finish.   The metal clay process lends itself to a more organic and rustic feel to the silver and a definite uniqueness to each item. 


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