Turquoise with Pyrite Necklace

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Stunning elongated Turquoise with Pyrite necklace will make an outstanding addition to your collection with its striking boho feel!  Pyrite inclusions give this unique piece of turquoise a lovely sparkle.  

Handcrafted in Sterling and Fine Silver.  Flat oval chain and S-hook clasp are Sterling Silver with a dark patina.  3/4" wide x 1 7/8" long.  Chain is 18 1/2" including clasp and can be made shorter by hooking the clasp into any of the chain links.

Pyrite, better known as "Fools Gold", got its nickname because it has a metallic look and color similar to gold, though it is a completely different mineral.  It is one of the many ancillary minerals that turquoise is naturally found with. 

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