Azurite Ring


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Deep blue sky of night

Beautiful gemmy trillion-cut azurite cabochon is set in a hand fabricated setting of sterling and fine silver and adorned with solid silver bubbles.  This stone, from Bisbee in Cochise County, AZ,  will remind you of a deep blue galaxy.

Azurite is a secondary copper mineral that occurs in the upper zones of copper bearing ore deposits. Malachite is another copper carbonate material that forms under similar conditions to azurite, and they are often found intergrown with one another. This material is known as azurmalachite and is also used as a gemstone material.
In the United States, azurite is found most notable in Arizona, New Mexico and Utah. Other locations are France, Namibia, Mexico, Chile, Australia, Russia and Morocco.  
Historically, azurite was ground and used as a blue pigment for paint as far back as ancient Egypt, then during the Middle Ages and Renaissance.


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