Fox Mine Turquoise Ring


Fox Mine Turquoise Ring exhibits a myriad of turquoise and green coloring.  Flecks of the host rock add an earthy touch to its beauty, lending a wonderful organic feel to this sterling silver ring.


Get lost in the myriad of blues and greens of this stunning old-stock Fox Mine Turquoise ring!   Fleck of the host rock are evidenced by the whites and tans contained in the stone, which is one of the attributes that gives each stone its unique character.   Set in a plain fine silver bezel with accent bubbles on one side to let the stone’s beauty shine.  The 4mm wide sterling silver band has a light mermaid scale texture to give just a touch on interest.

Measures 3/4″ tall by 5/8″ wide.   Size 7.75

This Old-stock Turquoise ring is a collector’s piece and can be passed down through generations!   An “old stock” stone means both the rough that the stone was cut from was mined many years ago as well as cabbed (cut into a cabochon).


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