Gaspeite Necklace


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Always feel like it’s spring when you wear this Gaspeite necklace!   The greens of this unique stone bring to mind the colors of new leaves and moss covered rocks in the springtime.  

Sterling and fine silver setting, with bubble accents. Lightly textured sterling silver chain and clasp. 

Approximately 20″ long.  Can be worn in an 18″ length by attaching the clasp to the added jump ring located near the end of the chain. 

Gaspeite is typically a pale green to bright apple-green color, and most exhibit brownish veiny inclusions. It is named after its original occurrence in the Gaspe’ Peninsula of Quebec, Canada. It is also found in Greece; Sardinia, Italy; and South Africa. Most gem-quality specimens today are sourced from Western Australia and New Mexico.


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