Indonesian Opalized Wood Boat Earrings



Indonesian Opalized Wood earrings in an interesting yet elegant boat shape.  Set in sterling and fine silver and hung on your choice of sterling silver ear wires or lever backs.

1/2″ wide by 1-1/8″ long.

Not hallmarked due to FTC regulations.
Opalized wood is a type of petrified wood that is composed of opal, chalcedony, or other silicate material.   It almost always consists of common opal, which doesn’t exhibit the play of color that precious opal does, though there are rare instances of petrified wood composed of precious opal.   Much of the petrified wood found in deposits today is composed of chalcedony, but in some situations the wood is composed of opal.   Both of these varieties of petrified wood often occur in a single deposit.   Because they are both formed from dissolved silica, they are sometimes called “silicified wood”.
Petrified and opalized wood are formed in areas where heavily treed areas were buried by volcanic ash fall.   The ash that buried the trees and plants protected them from decay and also provided the silicate material which would get carried through the wood by groundwater continuously flowing through cavities in the wood and eventually replacing the solid wood.   Its colors were created by the types of trace minerals in the water in area.   Petrified wood is found in large deposits in Arizona, Oregon, Wyoming, Indonesia, Russia, Mexico and Brazil.
True opalized wood has a different durability than petrified wood composed of chalcedony and is less suitable for some jewelry and lapidary projects.   Opalized wood has a lower hardness and is more easily damaged by abrasion and is more likely to break upon impact or exposure to stress.   This makes its use in jewelry kept to pieces such as earrings and pendants.  
Always take good care of  your Opalized Wood jewelry by keeping it in the pouch provided and in a spot where it won’t be bumped or jostled by another piece of jewelry.  

Additional information

Ear Wire Type

Classic Hook with Ball, Lever Back


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