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Silver Round Earrings | Coral Texture


Silver round earrings in 925 sterling silver.  Coral texture pattern is exclusive to Misty Sea Studio, and each earring is a one of a kind!


Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings | Coral Pattern

Silver Round Earrings patterned with a Misty Sea Studio exclusive pattern!   Each earring has a pattern which is impressed onto solid sterling silver sheet.   They are then cut out and the sides then hand filed and sanded to make the edges smooth.   Finally, they are polished to a satin finish, which allows the coral texture to stand out without using a patina.

The coral pattern is one that I drew and then designed in PhotoShop to make into a 2-1/2” x 7” steel texture plate.   Once I make the plate, I run it through a rolling mill with an 18 gauge or thicker solid sterling silver sheet.   The pressure of the rolling mill imparts the design into the silver sheet.

Since it is a large pattern plate, there are many, many combinations of designs that can be used for each set of earrings.   You can be assured that your pair will be a one of a kind.   These unique handmade earrings will be a wonderful ocean-inspired addition to your wardrobe!

Earrings measure 3/4” in diameter and come on sterling silver ear wires.

Love the coral texture but not the shape?   These 925 sterling silver earrings are also available in a lovely drop earring here.   As always, if you’d like something a little different, you can contact me any time at ann@mistyseastudio.com.   I love making custom shapes and sizes for you!


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