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Can we say "statement piece"?

Yes, please!

If you’re the kind of woman who loves to make an entrance, this stunning designer-cut white ocean jasper with a little bit of druzy sparkle is for you!  The modern setting with luscious bubbles and sublime 6mm green quartz add more bling yet let that gorgeous ocean jasper be the center of attention.  Hand fabricated setting of sterling and fine silver. 

Bail is large enough to accommodate a larger chain or neck collar.  Shown on an 18″ sterling silver 20-strand cable necklace with lobster clasp (included in price).

This pendant is 1-1/2″ wide by 4″ long.

Orbicular jasper or sea jasper is a variety of jasper containing various colored orbs or spherical inclusions in the stone.  The name “Ocean Jasper” is a registered trademark for the variety that comes from  northwestern Madagascar.  There are different deposits of ocean jasper on the island, and each vein reveals different colors and differently defined orbs of the stones that are unique to each vein. Several of the veins have been mined out, so you can expect an ocean jasper piece to appreciate in rarity and value.  The original vein was accessible only by boat at low tide, and the material had to be transported by boat since there were no roads in the rugged area.
Ocean jasper is a multicolored stone that includes greens, yellows, oranges, pinks, salmons and white.  Although named as a jasper, it is actually a variety of quartz know as chalcedony (pronounced kal-sed-duh-knee). Much of ocean jasper is translucent, which is a characteristic of chalcedony.
The rough material for this amazing stone originated from Madagascar.

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