Wide Silver Cuff Bracelet | Multi Color Gemstones


Wide silver cuff bracelet in fine and sterling silver.   Peppered with multi-colored gemstones in a palette that will remind you of the ocean.


Gemstone Cuff Bracelet

Wide silver cuff bracelet is quite the show-stopper with its coral-patterned base and peppering of ocean-inspired semi-precious gemstones!

The coral texture is exclusive to Misty Sea Studio as it is one that I personally designed and then made into a 2-1/2” x 7” steel texture plate.  Once I make the plate, I run it through a rolling mill with an 18 gauge (1mm) or thicker solid sterling silver sheet.   In this case, I used an 18 gauge thick sheet of 999 fine silver.   The pressure of the rolling mill imparts the design into the silver sheet.

Hammered sterling silver side rails and ends were added to give the cuff structure and strength.

This custom cuff bracelet measures just under 1″ wide. Inside dimensions are 2-3/8″ in length by 1-7/8” wide. Opening is 1-1/4″. Fits a medium wrist.

The semi-precious gemstones from left to right are:

  • 3mm Swarovski Rainforest Topaz*

  • 4mm Sky Blue topaz

  • 3mm Swarovski Paraiba Topaz*

  • 5mm Swarovski Kashmir Topaz*

  • 3mm Peridot

*A note on Swarovski topaz: These are NOT crystals.   They are genuine white topaz that have been coated with their trademarked Thermal Color Fusion to give them a gorgeous range of colors.    Swarovski is well known in the gemstone world for their Natural Brilliance Cut.   Their topaz is responsibly sourced from Brazil, and they also offer genuine ruby, black spinel, smoky quartz, and marcasite.

I utilize the topaz Swarovski gemstones to keep your costs down while still achieving the excellent range of colors I offer in my handmade gemstone jewelry.



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