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brown jasper bolo tie
brown jasper bolo tie
brown jasper bolo tie closeup
brown jasper bolo tie closeup
brown jasper bolo tie back view
brown jasper bolo tie back view

Brown Jasper Bolo Tie


Get in the swing of things with this fabulous brown jasper bolo tie!  Bolos are back in style, and these not your grandpa’s bolos.  They can be paired traditionally with a buttoned shirt, T-shirt, or sweater and still be on trend!  Not to mention they look great on women, too!

This striking triangular-shaped brown jasper is set in sterling and fine silver with fused silver dust texture and solid sterling silver balls.  This gorgeous setting is paired with a 4mm distressed darker brown leather cord and punctuated with 1-1/2” sterling silver tips and a 7mm bead at the end.  It’s also accented with a fused silver texture and solid fine silver balls that give it a substantial and handsome look.

The back has a lovely satin texture and is finished off with a handmade sterling silver cord slide that can easily be adjusted for length and tightness.

Imagine this piece worn with a T-shirt and jacket, or alone with a buttoned shirt, and a pair of jeans and boots.  Wear it rugged or classy!  What a fantastic look for an evening out!

Size details:

  • Bolo setting: 2” wide by 2-1/4” long
  • Cord length tip to tip: 39”

 Gemstone information:

Jasper is an opaque variety of chalcedony (a form of quartz that is compact and microcrystalline) and is usually found in red, yellow, brown and green, but rarely in blue.

Jasper is known for its interesting color patterns and formations.  It can be a solid color, but it’s most often mottled, spotted, ringed or striped.  Each jasper has its own unique color and/or pattern, so there is a great variety.   Some forms of jasper are banded, which can be confused with agate, but jaspers are opaque and agates are translucent. 


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