You're a beach girl at heart and always will be.

You love the ocean and the beach - the colors, sounds, and feelings of a day at the beach or at a spot overlooking the sea.

So breathtakingly powerful at times; so soothing and nurturing at others. There's something about it that makes us feel strong and empowered yet relaxed and serene at the same time, grounding our souls.

       But you live far away from the closest beach and miss it dearly, much like I do. 

I'm Ann Rutar, and my mission at Misty Sea Studio is to capture the essence of those emotions in a unique piece of jewelry that keeps you close to the sea.


       My passion for creativity and making jewelry began as a young girl watching my mom dressed up to go out and putting on her pretty costume jewelry.  My dad loved to go prospecting, and I developed a love of the rocks he brought home and a curiosity about how they were formed.  When I learned that some of those rocks could become beautiful gemstones, I was hooked!  My first silversmithing class was with my dad when I was in high school, and I've continued to learn and perfect my skills over the years. 

       I love making jewelry and am excited to now have this business doing what I love and having the pleasure to share that connection to the ocean with you.

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