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blue opal ring side view
blue opal ring side view
blue opal ring top view
blue opal ring top view

Blue Opal Ring


This striking Blue Opal Ring is a unique piece of art crafted from sterling and fine silver. The unique setting is adorned with fused sterling silver resembling coral branches and a hammered sterling band for a stunning and organic finish.  


  • Size 9
  • 4.5mm wide band
  • 15/16" wide by 1-1/4" long

Gemstone information:

Common Blue Opal ~ Common opal is a variety of opal that does not exhibit the flash and play of color seen in precious opal.  Common opal occurs in a variety of beautiful pastel colors, including blue, pink, and green, which are caused by trace elements in the rock formation.  Although they lack the opalescence of precious opal, common opal has varying degrees of translucency and scatters light internally to product a soft, warm glow.   

Common opal is found in many of the same environments as precious opal.  It is often found in areas of volcanic activity, especially ashfalls, and in sedimentary rocks underlying areas with arid climates.  Areas where they are found are usually mined by small operations, such as family mining.

Peru is known for its common opal in pastel colors of pink, blue and green and is known as Peruvian Opal.  Oregon produces beautiful colors in blue (often called Owhyee Blue Opal), pink and yellow.  It is also found in Nevada and Mexico.  Western Australia also produces a stone called Mookaite, which is also categorized as a common opal.