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cherry creek jasper and poppy topaz pendant
cherry creek jasper and poppy topaz pendant

Cherry Creek Jasper Pendant


Stunning Cherry Creek Jasper Pendant radiates autumn color with a touch of sunset glow from the Swarovski Poppy Topaz at its base.  Silver bubbles add a subtle design element.  Cherry Creek Jasper is said to bring balance and relaxation to your life.


  • Sterling and fine silver 
  • 5/8" wide and 2-3/4" long.
  • Sterling silver chain in your choice of length. 

 Gemstone information:

Cherry Creek Jasper is also known as Red Creek or Red River Jasper.  This unique stone was discovered in China and is mined at the Cherry Creek Mine near the Red Creek or Red River.It is sometimes called Picasso Jasper because of its brecciated pattern that appears like an abstract painting.  It is found in a range of colors including oranges, yellows, beiges, deep reds and olive and dark greens.   Each stone is quite unique both in color and in pattern.