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Driftwood Pendant
Driftwood Pendant

Driftwood Pendant


Rustic - Strong - Nature at its best

Driftwood textured fine silver pendant.   Wood conveys both strength and flexibility.    Wear this Driftwood Pendant as a tribute to nature or to your own inner strength.   This unisex pendant can also be worn on a leather chain.

The mold for this pendant was made by myself directly from a piece of driftwood found near a beach in California.   Crafted in fine silver precious metal clay, the details were refined before firing in a kiln, which ultimately produces a piece of solid .999 fine silver jewelry.  Patina was added to bring out the fine details of the wood pattern. 


  • 7/16" wide by 1-1/4" long
  • Sterling silver rolo style chain in your choice of length

Precious Metal Clay is comprised of extremely fine particles of silver to which a binder and water is added.  This product can be worked in a similar way to pottery clay.  It has a remarkable ability to take wonderful textures.  Once the piece is created and is completely dry, it is put into a kiln and heated to 1650˚F for the appropriate period of time depending on the thickness of the metal.  This process burns off the water and the binder first and then "sinters" the particles of silver together to form a solid metal.  Once cooled, the piece can then be finished and polished in the same manner as traditional silver work.